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We carry sustainable yoga products that will last the life of your practice. Please click "allow cookies" to view our product selections.

Don't have a CD player? That's ok, You can also find LOKAH LUV's latest music releases on any of your favorite music stores (like Itunes)


Soft, Sustainable. Flattering. Our yoga tees come in an array of colors from white, orange, red to grey. You can buy online and then come to the studio to pick out your color and size. If you buy one as a gift, message us your preferred color and size. We will be in contact with you to pick out the perfect tee!

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Pre-order your copy! A delightful book of plant-based recipes and stunning photos, too! Enjoy a good dinner and then pair with dessert a good read about the Liquid Fire Yoga practice. Coming in winter 2020!

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‍The benefit of streaming is having videos uploaded regularly at your fingertips! Every month we make a new video for you to enjoy! 

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The pro mat isn't just for yoga professionals; its the best mat for beginners too! It's the only mat that gets better with more use. From grip and traction to durability, this yoga mat will be your go-to mat for years to come!

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A lightweight version of the Manduka Pro mat. This mat is just like its brother, the Pro is a little lighter and less dense. Its durable construction is backed by the same lifetime guarantee as the pro.

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Sweat much? If you take our classes, we are sure you do! These are superior mat towels! They have little rubber grips, so the towel grips to your mat, and it's absorbent and helps with the sweaty slips in the downward-facing dog.

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Music for yoga and creativity. Many of our students set these beats on repeat and let it play over and over. Lokah Luv is about creating vibe while you practice, create, or work.‍

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Take us with you where ever you are in the world, we are there! 60-minute yoga practice with Calvin and bonus 20-minute yoga practice, Theresa!

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