The sun always shines after it rains.

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Open teachers means more choices for you

Our focus is on making yoga work for the body.  We have an adaptable approach to yoga. Yoga is now accessible even to those who think it may be out of reach for them.  Our unique approach and experience educating yoga makes yoga an easy to understand and adapt to life experience.

If you have an injury or limitation, please contact us for a private session and we will get you on your way to experiencing good yoga!

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Practice Liquid Fire Yoga with T&C at home or anywhere you are in the world​!

Yoga Studio

The setting of this class is in the best room to watch the light change.


It all starts with the candied Pecans!

Yoga Studio

Our buddy Charley blew in like a hurricane.

Yoga Studio

We grabbed her leash and headed out to see the last glimpse of the sun. The air was breezy and warm.

Yoga Studio

I didn't come from a family where my mom had time and money to take me to swim team meets and trainings. my dad fixed the white pinto with bond-o and used the insurance money to get a pool.

Yoga Studio

Every day we took long morning beach-walks followed by 2-3 hours of morning yoga classes. After we all joined in cooking fabulous lunches


Monday, December 9 - Friday, December 27, CPY will be closed. We come back on Saturday, Dec 28th.


From Sunday, December 9- Friday, December 27, CPY will be closed.

Yoga Studio

A living work of art captured on film. Lovers of beautiful doors and spaces, creators of College Park Yoga, share their love of doors.

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