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Enthusiastic and encouraging yoga classes

Your teachers, Theresa & Calvin, are dedicated to helping beginners understand how easy yoga is.  Our encouraging style of teaching makes beginners feel like they are getting it right, while regular students feel invigorated, calmed, and challenged. We will ensure you develop a good quality yoga practice that will increase the meditation, peace, strength, and flexibility of your body and mind.

If you have an injury or limitation, please contact us for a private session and we will get you on your way to experiencing good yoga!

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The Middle Path

We keep it under wraps usually,
but our foundational work is Astanga Vinyasa yoga.

But when I (Theresa) first started to train in this yoga method, teachers told me I was too injured to do this practice I loved with every ounce of my being.

Neither Calvin nor myself could understand why yoga teachers would tell students they were too limited to explore this style of yoga practice.

So we went on a journey to learn how to do every yoga pose with different modifications for different body types and injuries and limitations.

This in-depth and focused training has allowed CPY to be the leader in helping students who thought they couldn't do yoga (or were told they couldn't do Astanga yoga), learn yoga and love it too.

So at CPY, all Astanga classes are titled yoga because, at CPY, everyone can practice yoga. There are no limits here.

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