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Inspiring a new generation of yoga

For the last 19 years, students feel our studio is more like a home than a business. That's because our core value is to treat you like family and to give you a joyful and peaceful experience while you practice yoga.  See why so many people LUV CPY.

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College Park Yoga is located In Orlando, FL
Liquid Fire Yoga - the practice
Lokah Luv, Music for yoga

About Us

A special announcement from Orlando's Yoga studio

Hi! Can you believe it's been 19 years?

Nineteen years ago, this very month of September, CPY opened our doors to share our love of yoga. Our passion for teaching yoga continues to burn as bright as it did in 2001! Join the studio who lives and breathes yoga and is here to support you and your growth as a yoga practitioner. We are here for you, always! Come in - our doors are open, and we are ready to show you the path of yoga that has inspired many for two decades!

Live-stream college park yoga classes with Theresa & Calvin!
LIVEstream Yoga Classes

It's almost like being in class!

You can sign up for LIVEstream yoga classes through our website. See our schedule page for the LIVEstream schedule and easy registration.  

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College Park Yoga has an OnDemand yoga channel.  Learn how to practice yoga, postures, and breathing at your leisure.
OnDemand Yoga Channel

At your leisure yoga videos

Practice to our yoga videos anytime. Choose from a variety of classes at our OnDemand yoga channel. We add new content regularly.

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What we offer

Classes, books, videos & yoga music

Help further your education of yoga through our useful and informative tools. We are well known for creating positive atmospheres in our studio and yoga classes. Now you can have that positive atmosphere everywhere you go, through our LIVEstreams, OnDemand Channel, music, and books!  We are a total DIY.  We design, create and record everything for you. Support yoga products made with love.

A yoga Class at College Park Yoga.  I Spy DJ Lokah Luv!

Daily Yoga Classes

Fluent in the art of teaching yoga to beginners and regulars in the same class, we can support and aid you no matter what level you are.  We have 20 years of teaching behind us, which has given us the knowledge and experience to help beginners and regulars develop powerful yoga practices.

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Personal Yoga Classes

If you have injuries, illness, physical limitations, we have a private yoga class for you. Ranging from Yoga Therapy & Personal Yoga Training sessions to Private Teaching Training, we can help you develop a yoga practice and experience that is designed for you.

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workshops & Training


Worskhops, Training & Events

We believe in saturating the community with good yoga practice. We won't sell out for gimmicks and trends or hash out teachers to make a few extra bucks.  We strive to give you the best yoga experience possible.  Our positivity stems from a culture of hard work, deep study, and dedication to yoga. We teach you how to create a good life and give you real tools to #make_it_happen!

Learn what to do when shift happens!

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Join our yoga channel!

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July 4, 2020

JULY 4th YOGA is a CPY tradition 20 years in the making!

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Our stories

About us

For the love of yoga

When you have been around the block several times (like we have), you naturally develop a deep sense of self and purpose.  Learn the evolutions of our love and undying passion for all things yoga.

College park Yoga & Liquid Fire & Lokah Luv Logos

BURN Kitchen Recipe Book

Pre Order The Print Version of BURN

We love yoga and we love to cook.  We have been serving up delicious plant-based recipes since 2001.

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College park Yoga & Liquid Fire & Lokah Luv Logos

Teachers Theresa & Calvin

Teachers and therapists

Meet the directors, teachers, and everything behind CPY.  We have been here since the yoga studio opened in 2001.

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College park Yoga & Liquid Fire & Lokah Luv Logos

College Park Yoga®

The Yoga Studio

Consistency and dedication are not just ideas here.  It is how we live and how we teach you!

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College park Yoga & Liquid Fire & Lokah Luv Logos

Liquid Fire Yoga®

The Practice & Products

Sweat without suffering! A powerful yoga sequence that will get you moving at the studio, at home, or while on the road!

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College park Yoga & Liquid Fire & Lokah Luv Logos

Lokah Luv

Creating music and writing blogs

Tune into the breath. Absolutely delicious soundtracks for inspiring creativity!

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Learn why people love CPY!

Our students researched and looked for the right teacher for them.  If you are serious about learning yoga and shifting how your body feels, changing how you manage stress, learning about meditation and movement, and getting fit while doing all that - we are the yoga studio for you!

Theresa & Calvin are the epitome of welcoming, warm, & helpful. I felt capable, encouraged, challenged and accepted all at once.

By Emiley

I was fortunate to return to Orlando & take a class. It was just as I remembered, classic, structured, sweaty, and rejuvenating.

By Alicia

They are wonderful, helpful & kind. From the moment you walk in you feel welcomed & appreciated. At the end of practice you will feel better than you can imagine.

By Gail

From The Blog


The LOKAH LUV blog

Lovers of all things classic.  From classic cars, scooters, bikes, and longboards to classic black dresses, our love runs deep for the long-lasting experiences of life. And, our love of classic doesn't stop there, especially when it comes to yoga. Read about why we love the classics from yoga and food to music and good health habits. We use the tools that are proven to work tirelessly over time.    

You will wake up and realize yoga is as important to your daily routine as toilet paper.

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A few weeks ago, students asked me what I thought made a great yoga class, asking me as a student - not a teacher

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This post is an enormous THANK YOU, to you, our CPY family.

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We want to connect with you

If you have questions or just want to talk to Theresa or Calvin before you give this a go, communicate with us. Feel free to call us or email us. Every call and every email is responded to by one of us!

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