Welcome to CPY! Where it's never too late and you are never too old!

Our Little World of Yoga

The CPY Collaborative

Devoting every minute of our life to your well being! T&C have created an amazing array of yoga products & yoga services to suit your yoga needs!

Lokah Luv

Tune into the breath. Absolutely delicious soundtracks for inspiring creativity!

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Liquid Fire Yoga®

Sweat without suffering! A powerful yoga sequence that will get you moving at the studio, at home, or while on the road!

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College Park Yoga®

We are the studio where yoga dabblers fall in love with yoga practice.

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BURN Kitchen Recipe Book

We love yoga and we love to cook.  We have been serving up delicious plant-based recipes since 2001.

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Teachers Theresa & Calvin

We are the everything of CPY. Inside and outside our love of yoga shines and makes you shine too!

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