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Orlando's best yoga studio to learn yoga

Our studio consistently wins best of awards year after year.  We have over 20 awards and counting...

Amazing yoga classes, in your hometown of Orlando.

Inspiring a new generation of yoga

All our classes are beginner-friendly

People may not always consider themselves a person for yoga. But, at our studio, we show you how yoga is adaptable for anyone. No level of tightness or weakness should prevent anyone from practicing something that enhances the quality of life.

Your experienced yoga teachers remember what it feels like to be a beginner to yoga
Classes are truly beginner-friendly, with emphasis on breath and focus.
yoga is meditation. yoga meditation every day at college park yoga, Orlando
All classes are meditation experiences that also have you sweating into fitness.
schedule a private lesson if you are pregnant, injured or an athlete recovering from sports injury
If you are pregnant, have an injury, or are inflexible, we can help you.
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We have 2 teachers on staff so we can focus on helping you

Hi!  Our names are Theresa & Calvin. We will be the ones teaching you, guiding and you helping you along the journey of yoga meditation.

We remember what it feels like to be a beginner to yoga.  It can be so intimidating to walk into a yoga class, but it doesn't have to be.  With our staff of 2 teachers, we eliminate the unfamiliar vibe.  Immediately you become familiar with the studio and the teachers.  A team of 2 is here to serve you good yoga!

You will see in the first class you take with us, we desire to help you learn yoga and learn to use yoga as a practice of meditation.   Learn the evolution of the breath and how to safely move your body as you become more flexible and strong.

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teachers Calvin & Theresa Curameng we offer classes in the Orlando area.
breathe your way to meditation and focus
Our classes are fluid and peaceful

Our focus is breathing

When you learn to breathe correctly, the movements are fluid,  and your body evolves into a better space.

No matter what the title of the class, the experience is the same. Liquid Fire Yoga, Yoga 101, or Yoga Class, they all have the same essential ingredients.  Yoga class is about to happen and it's about to help you learn to meditate and gain the flexibility your body needs for good health.

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Liquid Fire Yoga

Discover the meditative art of powerful yoga practice, here.   We opened our studio long before the mirror filled rooms and weights were a part of the yoga trend.

Our classes are created for you

And our schedule is created for commitment

When you plan for your yoga class and let your friends and family know, it's your yoga day, you will gain 100% more from the experience, because you are ready for it.

Just dropping into a class because it's convenient, means you will be missing out on getting the best benefit from your time on the mat. Get the most from your yoga, plan a class with us.

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Inside College Park Yoga is amazing!
Gimmick-free yoga at college park yoga!

Our most consistent feedback is how consistently we lead our classes. We have focus.  We are very steady in our teachings. Our unwavering understanding of yoga helps students become rock-solid in their focus and power.

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We are totally focused in making yoga work for you

We hear people say, "I'm not a yoga person."  You'll be glad to know, neither were we!  We don't fit the current idea of what yoga people think they should look like or say. We don't wear name brand yoga gear. We believe in keeping up a deep yoga practice, not a fake it till you make it Instagram ready practice.

In our way, we are constructive yoga rebels rebelling against the typical Americanized and often misinterpreted yoga practices.  Come to a yoga class that is for real people, taught by real people that will get you learning yoga, for real.

  • Daily Group Classes
  • Private Sessions
  • Workshops

Take a class with us to experience the difference.

Many students walk through our doors and think they can't do yoga.  After just 3 classes at our studio, they learn they can do yoga, and they love yoga too!

Great Yoga Classes

Breath-by-breath yoga.  That does sounds nice.  It is an outstanding experience.  Our studio is always focused on this, every class.  No matter what the class title is, you will experience the power of yoga practice.

75-90 Minute Yoga Classes

Yes, we could shorten our class length to appease the masses. But, we also know shortening our class length cheats the students from the most beneficial aspects of yoga eliminating stress and experiencing the power of meditation.  If you are interested in learning how to meditate and breathe and live stress-free, full-length classes are the absolute most necessary thing you need.

No mirrors, ever

There are a lot of features to our studio students love.  The beautiful artwork. The industrial ceilings.  The warm and inviting vibes of the studio.  And, one of the most favored features is our lack of mirrors. 

No extra heat needed

We admit Floridians have a different perspective of heat.  Calvin and I are both from the sunshine state.  To us, 90 degrees is when it starts to get hot.  Our home is set at 80 degrees all summer long.  80 is the normal room temperature for us.  But, we realize you may not be from Florida and my consider anything over 80 as hot.  Here is the scoop on our yoga studio temperature:  78-83 degrees. We have fresh air pumping through the room at all times.  And, we have a Big Ass Fan® that moves air and cools the space quickly.

Meet the directors, teachers, and everything behind CPY.  We have been here since the yoga studio opened in 2001.

Teachers Theresa & Calvin

Teachers and therapists
 We love yoga and we love to cook.  We have been serving up delicious plant-based recipes since 2001.

BURN Kitchen Recipe Book

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Consistency and dedication are not just ideas here.  It is how we live and how we teach you!

College Park Yoga®

The Yoga Studio
Workshops and events

Learn more about yoga

We have workshops and events where you can learn more about our practice and enjoy being with your lighthearted teachers through different yoga-related experiences.  

Yoga management software

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Sweat without suffering! A powerful yoga sequence that will get you moving at the studio, at home, or while on the road!

We are getting our annual dose of vitamin sea.

Meet the directors, teachers, and everything behind CPY.  We have been here since the yoga studio opened in 2001.

It's for real. 2020 hit everyone hard and it really hit your fave yoga studio really hard. We are doing everything we can on our end to #saveCPY. Here's what you can to help!

Consistency and dedication are not just ideas here.  It is how we live and how we teach you!

Our Livestreams are so easy. Reinvent how you share CPY with others and place the power of CPY in the palm of their hands!

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