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Yoga Therapy

Learn how to use yoga as a therapy and get yourself back to those activities and sports you love.

If you are an athlete who has been injured or an individual living with the pain of injury, we can help you reduce that pain. If you are suffering from an injury or have a complex illness or disease, you need to take private lessons before joining us in group classes.

Injuries, illnesses, and diseases can make learning yoga strenuous. We can help you learn how to work with your limitations and discover a whole array of movements that are beneficial and safe for you.

Signing up is easy. Call the studio to arrange the best time for you.

Theresa & Calvin

Our expertise in yoga instruction teaches you how to practice postures correctly and reduce pain and injury while moving and stretching the body.

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30 Minute Beginner Consultation $50

50 Minute Yoga Therapy Session $75

75 Minute Yoga Therapy Session $120