CELEBrate 22 years of CPY! Friday sept. 22, 6pm. sign up on schedule page. :)

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It's worth it to pay for a great yoga!

In today's era of teachers barely learning yoga before they instruct a class, it's so refreshing to take a class with teachers who have over 22 years of experience teaching yoga.

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All class passes can be used for in-studio group classes and Live-streams. The FOREVER pass is the pass that will NEVER EXPIRE. All other passes have expirations. You can upgrade your current pass to a FOREVER pass too!

Be sure to check out our yoga therapy, private lessons, and teacher training too. After you have purchased your private session, text T&C at 407-999-7871 to schedule your appointment.

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Private Yoga Sessions

Injuries, illnesses, and diseases can make learning yoga strenuous. We can help you learn how to work with your limitations and discover a whole array of beneficial and safe movements for you. Yoga offers many mental benefits too. Maybe you're struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression. If so, we can teach you how to utilize yoga to strengthen the mind and lessen the pressure you feel.

 Private yoga lessons and yoga therapy sessions

50 minute yoga therapy/yoga training


Call to schedule - 407-999-7871

Private yoga classes and yoga therapy at college park yoga

75 minute yoga therapy/yoga training

$125 - 1 person
$150 - 2 people

Call to schedule - 407-999-7871

yoga teacher training at college park yoga

Yoga Teacher Training

Our personalized Yoga Teacher Training is over-the-top! We can make you a confident and excellent yoga teacher.
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