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Private Lessons

Private lessons are focused on you.

Theresa & Calvin (we) have been steeped in yoga and studying the human body and its various injuries and mental strains for over 21 years. There are many different ways one can learn and practice yoga. We know how to make yoga relate to you and your life so you can take your practice home. When you are faced with stressful life situations, or when you feel physical pain, you will have a way to relieve it on your own.

No matter what ball life has tossed to you, there is a curve that yoga can take you on, a direction you didn't see existed before. Many who practice with us didn't ever think they could do yoga or that yoga was for them. They learned to appreciate yoga because it benefited them in all the ways they asked for and in ways they never expected. See for yourself the power of yoga. Book a session with Theresa or Calvin.

Signing up is easy. Just call or text 407-999-7871 to schedule the best day and time for you.

Theresa And Calvin

We have the knowledge, experience, and skills to help you. While many teachers claim this, there aren't many experienced in it.

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50 Minute Private Lesson (1 person) $90

50 Minute Virtual Lesson $90

75 Minute Private Lesson (1 person) $125

75 Minute Private Lesson (2 persons) $150

75 Minute Virtual Session $125