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Hello to you all! With so much going on worldwide, we want to be a voice, a consistent voice that both informs and calms.

Hello to you all!  With so much going on worldwide, we want to be a voice, a consistent voice that both informs and calms.

The number one priority of our entire existence is to take care of you and give you a place where you feel safe and comfortable.  During these times, some of you may not feel right coming to class, and we understand entirely.  On the other hand, we see that many of you need us right now and possibly more than ever before and are coming to class healthy with great enthusiasm.  

We will be here for you and continue to help you to generate incredible calmness and focus.  Currently, our regular schedule of classes will be in session until further notice.  And, much like we do during the flu season, we will lessen physical assists during the sessions.

Our entire studio's operations and care of it are deeply rooted in yoga practice. One of the main aspects of yoga practice is cleanliness.  Cleanliness is about keeping the body clean with daily showers, hand washing, and proper hygiene.  Then there is the physical space of cleanliness, keeping the surroundings clean and disinfected for a healthy yoga practice.  And, last but not least, is the cleanliness of the mind.  Keeping the mind calm, steady, and focused.

If you are interested in alternate ways to enjoy yoga classes with us, please begin to set up an account for video streaming. Click here to start, it's only $15 a month.   We are planning to upload more videos this month.

Also, we have extended our private session hours. You can come to us, or if you would prefer,  we can come to you and teach you and even a small group of healthy friends you wish to invite.  We are more available than normal due to conventions we usually instruct at this time of year are canceled.  We have private session hours available through the weekend and evenings, too.

And if you find that being home and cooking from home has left you uninspired, you can call us in for a kitchen takeover!   We can prepare a fun dinner together, share in good company, and create good memories!

I will end this email with the advice of Cavin's mom "drink lots of ginger tea and lemon!".  And that I plan on having as soon as I send out this email tonight.  

We love you guys so much; you have no idea how much.  With love and peace, T&C