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Yoga Studio

Breathing Power

You will wake up and realize yoga is as important to your daily routine as toilet paper.

If you have tried yoga before and think it's not your thing, or if you have ever said the words "I'm not a yoga person," then our yoga studio is a perfect fit for you! (And if you don't like the word perfect that's perfectly ok too)

Calvin and I have both been there. I (Hi! It's Theresa here!) never in a million years would have ever considered myself a yoga person. I would never have thought after two decades I would still be teaching it, too! The way we approach yoga isn't the standardized "come on gang, let's do this and let's do this and this…" We use the power of positivity from a space of sincerity.  We have seen life, and life has happened to us, and yet through the work of yoga and meditation, we have continued to persevere.  Good humor and good nature doesn't come from a life with goodness and money served on silver platters. It came from a life of trials and tribulations and loads of struggle. We have seen our fair share of life, and we can help you see that life can become brighter, less sharp on the edges, and peaceful.

Perfection is being in the moment, not an achievement. Perfection is the breath in the here and now. It's not a goal or attainment or out of reach experience. It's about letting life be. Letting yourself be. And as you discover your natural rhythm, this rhythm from deep breathing, you will find a different aspect of your life and person you never thought was possible. Yoga makes things possible. It also challenges us to our very core.  

You won't walk in knowing yoga or being good at it. And we do not expect you to be good at it the first 100 sessions you take with us. But we will shape you and guide you and support you. Motivate you to keep it up.

And one day, you will wake up and realize yoga is as important to your daily routine as toilet paper. You could live without it, but it would be very uncomfortable to do so.  

Make it a good day today, and practice yoga at CPY.

See you on the mat!  
Love T.