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Mexican Surf and Yoga Retreat with CPY

Every day we took long morning beach-walks followed by 2-3 hours of morning yoga classes. After we all joined in cooking fabulous lunches

What a fantastic return home from Mexico we had! Thank you for the warm welcome, the big hugs, the "we missed you's" and "thank you for coming back's!". It was a beautiful retreat! Our flight started with a layover in Atlanta, where we met up with other CPY kids that have moved away from Orlando. Next stop, Mexico! We all quickly settled into our beachfront oasis after many ooh's and ahh's, and OMG the sea is RIGHT THERE! Hearing the waves rumble and crash was just a delight for my city ears.

Every day we took long morning beach-walks followed by 2-3 hours of morning yoga classes. After we all joined in cooking fabulous lunches (Calvin & I packed 108 pounds of food and a Vitamix blender, LOL!), we ventured out for the days Mexico adventures of surf classes.   We visited local villages and towns, sunset cruises with Cirque shows, shelling, napping, lots of napping. :)

The local surf guide took us to another delicious surf beach about 15 minutes drive from our location. We walked through the jungle for about 20 minutes and ended up playing on the perfect shaped longboard (our favorite) waves. It was simply delicious.

We took a wild (really wild) boat ride to inactive volcanoes that created the most wondrous space-looking islands! I think our enthusiasm motivated the driver to go a little faster! We were enjoying the bumpy and wave-sliding adventure cheering and clapping and thumbs upping the driver with perfectly timed woahs and OMG'S!

We jumped off the boat right in the middle of the pacific ocean, surrounded by (almost extinct) blue-footed booby's and their growing chicks!  The crystal clear water allowed us to see all sorts of fish. I don't really study fish, so I have no idea what they names they go by, but I know the pics in my head can still see the electric bluefish, and the long skinny guys and the beautiful schools of spotted fish, just made my jaw drop. (Of course, not while I was underwater.)

We rang the dinner bell around sunset. People would wake up from naps, climb up from the sandy beach, or were already sitting outside the kitchen enjoying the vast ocean view. We would come together, and whoever was in the cooking spirit would join us, and we created terrific dinners using local ingredients and a few other special treats we brought in! The raccoons liked the gluten-free bread we brought with us, LOL! They broke in, stealth in the middle of the night, and ate two loaves!

Thank goodness we brought 5 lbs of cashews! We were able to make a Key Lime pie - Mexican style, blueberry cream pie, and countless sauces, dressings, and frostings!! You should have seen us stuffing frozen pies into zip locks to take with us on the plane ride home! No one wanted to leave the pies behind! The people who helped to manage and take care of the property were amazed by our array of teas, fresh produce, and desserts. They asked if we could leave some with them. I was so relieved they wanted it! It made me so happy to think of them eating the rest of the blueberry pie pairing it with a yummy hot cherry tea!

We had such a blast and still riding high from Mexico, and we made sure we booked out next yoga retreat! Costa Rica! I love Costa Rica. I really love it. When the plane lands, there is a part of me that says; I am home. I love the energy, the people, the food, the land, and the sea. I can't wait to share that love on 80 acres of the jungle right on the beach! I scoured with Calvin looking for the right surf break and the right place. We have the entire area to ourselves for yoga, meditation, swimming, surfing, eating, and just enjoying a little slice of paradise that remains on our planet! Pura Vida! 2020 (it's sold out!)

Luv you, Luv Lokah