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General Questions

What style of yoga do you offer?

Classes focus on three main factors: breathing, meditation, and postural alignment. This practice offers the benefits of physical and mental fitness often associated with yoga. With regular yoga practice, students develop a sound and healthy practice that is life-changing.

Are classes safe for beginners, prenatal students, and seniors?

Absolutely!    But if you are suffering from an injury or tension that limits the body (i.e., can't get up and down from the floor to standing without assistance), you need to take a private lesson first.

Are all classes really beginner friendly?

Yes.  Most beginners think of yoga like they do a dance class. First, you learn to step like this, and then you advance each dance class, learning more movements to demonstrate advancement.

Yoga class isn't like that.

The goal of yoga is meditation and not about a demonstration of performance.

A seasoned practitioner of yoga could be working on some of the most basic postures like triangle pose for years and continue to refine it.  Postures continue to evolve throughout your development as a yoga practitioner.

It's not about getting the pose. It's about the experience in the pose.

So, when you come as a beginner, expect to rest frequently and give yourself a chance to learn the practice — at least ten yoga classes.

What you need for yoga class

Yoga mat & hand towel - yes, you will sweat in our classes.

We rent high-quality yoga mats and hand towels for $2 each.

Yoga mats are of 2 general natures, cushy and slippery or firm and grippy.  We rent firm and grippy mats.  If you have a cushy yoga mat, it will slip on our floors.  You will still need to rent/buy a firm and grippy mat for class.

Refillable water bottle

A refillable water bottle is a good choice if you are new to yoga.

Hydration is the foundation for an efficient cool down in class.  Make sure to drink plenty of water the day of your practice.  If you happen to eat salty foods or drink beverages with caffeine, drink more water than usual those days.

What should I wear?

You will sweat a lot in our classes, possibly more than you do in workouts. Lightweight clothing is the best option.

In general, we ask that students wear breathable tanks, tees, and reasonable length shorts.

Guys:  Surf shorts with stretch fabric are an ideal garment for class. Tanks and tees work great. If you know you sweat a lot, have an extra tee.

Ladies:  Loose tees are a go-to for many of our students.  Layer up with a fitted tank underneath because forward folds make clothes move in unexpected directions.   For the pants, you can wear fitted shorts (highly suggested, runner shorts show things you want to keep hidden), leggings, loose or flare legged pants.  

There is no specific uniform.

Other Questions

Will I lose weight doing yoga?

The fitness industry offers yoga as a fitness group class.  This approach creates teachers who move through sequences fast and are hazardous for students looking for fitness and weight loss.

The yoga we teach will naturally change your metabolism, how your body processes food and your cravings. The process of yoga is not an overnight success but will lead to a lifestyle change that will help you keep the weight off.

It's the slower but more effective route to weight loss.  The more classes you take, the more you will experience the changes.

What should I eat before class?

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone has different lifestyles.

The best way to determine if you should eat before class is to drink a glass of water. If drinking water gives you the needed energy to move, then you are fit for class.

But if you realize you are hungry after drinking water, having a light snack like fresh fruit will be great.  

We don't recommend eating cheese or dairy before class because it seems to add to the dizzy feeling people have.

What time should I arrive for class?

Our studio has a tradition that began our first yoga session. We live in Orlando, with challenging traffic and unusual weather patterns, slowing students down on the way to yoga class.  

Welcome to stress-free yoga!

- The doors open 5 minutes before class.

- All classes start 9 minutes after the start time.
- Late students have 30 minutes after class time to arrive. (For example, students coming to the 9:00 am class have until 9:30 am to arrive)

Studio Policy: You never have to apologize to us for running late, apologize for not showing up. :)

If you show up and the front door is locked (gasp!), don't worry. We are Theresa & Calvin, and we always show up to class.

If a class is canceled for any reason, you will know right when you walk up. There will be a sign posted on our front door (make sure the door you are looking at has our logo and name on it), notices of the closure on our website and social sites, and an email sent to alert you of the change.  


We have a great location with ample parking.

Please, do not park in spaces marked "RESERVED."  Those are reserved for other businesses near us.

Additional parking is available on the side of the building, Stetson Street, and in the front of the building along Edgewater Drive. The entrance to the studio is in the front of the building, 2nd door on your left.  It has the yoga star on the door and our name, College Park Yoga.