Welcome to CPY! Where it's never too late and you are never too old!

We did a thing... We Moved!

Long story short. We moved to 4100 Edgewater Drive.

So where should we begin this story of survival and perseverance?

Let's rewind the cassette of time a bit. 

Insert cassette. Press rewind and wait for it. Pause. Take a breath. Press stop. Now press play. 

This story doesn't have an ending, but I look forward to the sequel; it seems life wants us to keep sharing our love of yoga ;) 

Back in 2020, our story began. We almost ended the studio. It was so close. That day before Thanksgiving, Calvin and I looked at each other across the table. We were sharing lunch with our smiling family. While we returned the smiles and laughter we knew in the back of our minds over the next day or two, we had a big decision to make and weren't sure what the future held for us. 

Long story short. 

After lunch, we walked Indra by the lake to the studio. A student was out on the same sidewalk we were and stopped us to say hi. They learned of our predicament mostly because they pried just enough to get our story. We weren't planning on sharing our story; we were just going to take action.

But we felt comfortable, and this student was a person we had known for years, and we trusted his insights. So we opened up and shared. Another long story short - his wife edited and rewrote our story with another long-time student who moved north, and they decided to save CPY. That they did!! The most incredible life edit of all time!

Around the same time, the landlord said he would also help us. 

Stop. Fast forward. Stop. Play. 

Now it's summer 2021. Our landlord broke 2 promises of help and told us, 

well, my agent said he can get me higher paying tenants, so…

We got the hint. And we took it to heart. 

So it began another journey to save CPY. 

Stop. Fast forward. Stop. Play. 

Now it's July 4th weekend, 2023. 

Over a long journey of searching, planning, and creating, we have moved our studio. We apologize for the short notice; we didn't know if or when this would happen. 

We took action and prayed— a lot of prayers. We don't get to choose the ending of the story. We can take action and write chapters, but the rest of the story, it's not in our hands. And that deep-rooted faith we have shined through the last few weeks. 

We could NOT have done this alone! So many students came through for us! Donating statues, art, furniture, supplies, tile, and gift cards to Home Depot and paint stores. They donated time, people, friends, and family. Lights and love. 


Many cups of mushroom coffee (thank you to the students who introduced us to this fantastic beverage option that checks all the boxes, LOL) helped to give us the extra energy and strength to write the chapter of a lifetime! 

We have no idea where this will take our story and how the next chapter will unfold. But I would like to offer a title for the next chapter: OM SWEET OM - is where the heart is. 

With love and peace, Calvin and Theresa 

Now located at

4100 Edgewater Drive

Orlando, FL 32804

The little black and white brick building with a star.