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The calmness of a fierce creature is a site to behold.

When I learned 2022 is the year of the tiger, I thought to myself, WOW, that is a fantastic creature.

I first learned of the Chinese New Year through Calvin. I was 17 years old, and due to my lack of study in Asia,  I had no idea about the lunar calendar and its wonders. 

We didn’t have internet resources, much less most homes didn’t have computers, and even fewer were connected to the internet. I used a commodore 64 computer and dot matrix printer to write my school papers. You had to pick your topics and go to the library and research. I focused on my dad’s heritage with 1940 Europe, Germany, Austria, Romania, and (now former) Yugoslavia. And at that time, Asia was very far from my mind. 

Cavin was stoked he had an opportunity to educate me on the lantern festivals and other Chinese New Year celebrations. He had many friends that celebrated it growing up and went to festivals as a kid. He taught me each year had a different animal that represented the power and insights of what that year held. 

Now you can read up Chinese new year on thousands of websites all over the internet from a little 4x6 device you hold in your hand. 

This little pocket-sized phone is always at your fingertips. Amazingly, my phone is a computer. From Commodore 64 to iPhone, that’s a massive leap in technology. So please allow me my moment of amazement. :). TY. 

When I learned 2022 is the year of the tiger, I thought to myself, WOW, that is a fantastic creature. 

I have never had the opportunity to witness a tiger in its natural habitat. When I was six, my friend moved away to another town in Florida (I can’t remember the location, I’m going almost 40 years back in my head). I visited her and her family for a few days. For our Saturday afternoon adventure, they took us to the Drive-In zoo Lion Country Safari. 

I was overwhelmed by the gigantic animals walking up to the car. They were looking right at my tiny head! I wondered if they were just as shocked by my appearance as I was of theirs.  

When we drove to the tigers, one was lying on the ground yawning. The other tiger was walking around, its shoulders blades moving in a smooth rhythmic grace as the lower hind legs lowered and pressed the cat that much further forward with every step. I paused and took in the large round paws. I looked at my tiny little feet in comparison and was awestricken by the tiger. I didn’t get to witness its fierce power. That day they looked like overly large cuddly housecats. This gentle welcome to their species left a warm spot in my heart for them. 

A few weeks ago, I went online to research which animal is celebrated as we move into ’22. I was a little sad because the year of ox is Calvin and Calvin has characteristics of an ox, with its slow, steady constant effort toward goals. Which I felt I embodied last year. Of course, it does help that Calvin pretty much is an ox to the core. And that may be why the year of ox moved ahead like that. Slow and steady one day at a time.  

When I learned this year was tiger, I was elated, not thinking first of the fierce hunting tiger but thinking about those two tigers in my head that were just lazily moving about their day. They looked like they didn’t have a care in the world. They would venture to the cars and walk around slowly, like a retiree browsing at clothes at the mall.  

In the tiger year, we may focus on the apparent traits of fearlessness, fierceness, courage, and bravery. Also, remember to embody the other nature of the Asian King Of the Jungle. The tiger also has not a care in the world. They are not worried about the end-of-day results, not concerned about why someone hasn’t messaged back, why people didn’t like that photo, or conflicts with friends, family, and store clerks. Like the tiger, take time out to be outside, and let yourself enjoy being in a physical space of tranquility and calmness. Yoga teaches us flexibility, moments of great creative inspiration, and those Aha’s all stem from the very moments we are calm.  

Happy new year!! 

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