voted the most welcoming yoga studio in orlando, FL
The space is magnificent.  The practice taught is based on Ahstanga, power, vinyasa. yoga.  Learn good yoga at CPY.

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FEEL THE CPY LUV :  Special Classes, Events, and Real CPY Reviews

Look to the star for a good yoga experience

Since 2001, College Park Yoga has been serving Orlando goodwill through our life changing yoga classes.


There is a common theme amongst many who practice here and why they LUV CPY.

They say our studio is a welcoming, low pressure environment.  That classes are led with teachers who love to teach and care deeply about their students.


At CPY, you are in the hands of caring instructors who have 15 years of experience of helping and guiding students to their highest potential.  We will respect you, help you, and care for you.  All you need to do is want to show up.  If you want to learn good yoga, we will help you on that path.


We aren't in a competition to be the best, we just do what comes from our heart and soul to help you.  CPY is a heartfelt place, where new students can experience a friendly atmosphere and returning students can feel that love over and over again.  Our students say it is nice to have a place to go where you know you are loved.   That place is CPY.





Address: 3029 Edgewater Dr.

Orlando, FL 32804

Phone: 407.999.7871


Find lasting peace at the little studio located in the sweet burg of College Park.


For Yoga Therapy Sessions

Attention: T&C



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