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We are an Orlando based yoga studio, nestled in the sweet town of College Park.  Located only mere minutes from Downtown Orlando. CPY is a very warm, welcoming and super clean studio for all levels of yoga students. New students simply love the studio mainly because they feel just as welcomed as the regular students. Regular and advanced students always feel invigorated and challenged as each teacher assists to fuel what they need to grow and evolve their practice. 


CPY offers yoga practice based on the ancient methods of yoga.  The new trend yoga of known as hot yoga is not found in our 4 walls.  Though, often confused by many as hot yoga due to the fact students sweat in our classes.   The sweat created in our classes is not attributed to a manufactured heat outside of the body.  It is because we tap into the natural heat source deep inside the body.  We build this "liquid fire" through breath techniques using what ancient yoga masters call "pranayama".  This conscious breath work is the focus of every class.  It is through this breath the student develops a yoga practice that far surpasses today's trendy scene of stress relief yoga.  We offer something deeper, more profound, and life long lasting.  Welcome to CPY.  


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