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Thanksgiving Day 9am

Yoga. Music. Meditate.


Thanksgiving day yoga music and meditation class




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Fri. December 5.  6-8pm



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We are an Orlando based yoga studio, nestled in the sweet town of College Park.  Located only mere minutes from Downtown Orlando. CPY is a very warm, welcoming and super clean studio for all levels of yoga students. New students simply love the studio mainly because they feel just as welcomed as the regular students. Regular and advanced students always feel invigorated and challenged as each teacher assists to fuel what they need to grow and evolve their practice. 


CPY.  Is not gym yoga.  Come to this studio to learn a real yoga practice with students who actually do the work of yoga both on and off the mat.  Walk through the doors planning on taking care of yourself and respecting your body exactly as it is. 90% off the classes are all levels, that means first time students are welcome to any class on the schedule.  We highly suggest that all new students peruse our site and learn about class start times where we are located and about our classes so that you are comfortable when you walk in.



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