We are celebrating 21 years of serving up good yoga in Orlando! :)


We are temporarily shuttered and will re-open the moment the ban lifts.


We are temporarily shuttered and will re-open the moment the ban lifts.

Please stream our videos.

and we will soon be live-streaming

The schedule page has the live-stream schedule listed.

We love you so much.  During this time, anything you can do to support our little labor of love will be received with an enormous amount of gratitude.
Here are some things students have done to help us during this time:

> Signed up for classes online even though there are none to attend
> Streamed our videos
>Purchased class packs for the rest of the year
>Signed up for private lessons
>Organized kitchen takeovers
>Scheduled phone meditation sessions

And, we know that this time may be affecting many of you. Please, please connect with us if you are experiencing hardship and are finding it challenging to pay for yoga sessions.  We have always been gracious and giving and will help you in any way we can.

Please call us to talk to us (407-999-7871) about a yoga plan for you.  We know how much you need yoga.  That is why we stayed open until the last minute because we couldn't imagine trying to get through this without yoga.  And, it pained us to think about you trying to get through this world-wide ordeal without yoga.

We love you all with all our hearts and are so grateful for the joy and peace you share with us.  The last few weeks felt a lot brighter because of you.  Thank you for the love.

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