We are celebrating 21 years of serving up good yoga in Orlando! :)

CPY is on retreat!

Monday, December 9 - Friday, December 27, CPY will be closed. We come back on Saturday, Dec 28th.

Taking a rest bit

Being here 7 days a week is our passion. And like all passions, every now and again a little me time is essential to continue giving high-quality moments of life. So, we are taking a few weeks to meet up with Calvin's family in the motherland of his family. It will be a beautiful reunion. His mom is finally going to reunite with the crystal blue waters of her childhood, while Calvinl and I meet the land and sea of his heritage for the first time!

Calvin's mom is so excited, she started to invite the whole family, and while not everyone can make it, we will be uniting with family we haven't seen for years!! So excited!

During this time we are adventuring...

You can take a few minutes to begin setting up your video streaming services with us. We will have 3 videos available for you during the time we are gone. And, we will be adding more! Our videos are great and make you feel like we are almost there in the room with you. We also have a DVD available for purchase. Get one before we leave!

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